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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) represents a set of tools to capture, store, analyze, manage, and present geographically linked information. Sounds complex, doesn’t it? It is, and so is the technology used to try and access it… …

That is, until now! OnTerra is experienced in unlocking GIS data systems and making them accessible and approachable for any user that needs it. OnTerra has created AND implemented GIS integration systems that open up the use of the data for almost anyone who has a workstation or browser. Some questions for you:

Are you trying to extend GIS services and data to non-GIS users?

  o GIS software requires significant training
  o GIS software is not an appropriate tool for most organizational users

Are you looking to leverage your existing GIS systems, and even enhance their value?

  o There is significant data in existing GIS systems
  o Reusing existing GIS systems and process is the right way to go in today's economy.

Are you having trouble integrating with GIS systems?

  o GIS systems are complex applications
  o Integration is difficult with proprietary formats

If you would like some help in finding answers to the questions above, drop us your email address below and we’ll send you a brochure and - if available - a whitepaper and/or case study.